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I can't recommend Hannah enough. She helped me so much in a difficult moment in my career and brought a huge amount of clarity and direction to life.


She is calm, clear and very insightful, and I continue to use these insights to this day. A must for anyone on a journey to realise their full potential.


— Alexa SD, London

I seldom write reviews but I am doing so as finding Hannah as a life coach has been such a positive experience.


I have found Hannah to be incredibly supportive and knowledgeable providing both the practical tools and encouragement to work through challenging and unhelpful mind sets and destructive self belief systems to come to a place in being able to  celebrate the person I am.


— Nicky B, Rutland

I went to Hannah for help with increasing my confidence and organisational skills from a business perspective. She has helped me identify and reframe my thoughts to a more positive and helpful narrative.


In the last few weeks of working with Hannah I have never felt so organised, focused and in control. Seeking help from Hannah is not only the best money I have spent to help me with my business but also personally.


Thank you so much Hannah!


— Leanne C, London

Hannah truly is amazing! The sessions I have had with Hannah have really challenged and changed my mindset, for the better! I can honestly say I feel like a different person to how I was feeling prior to meeting Hannah.


If you are thinking of taking the step, to finding a life coach, and help with future focused decision making and planning, then look no further, you will not be disappointed!


— Gillian B, Yorkshire

Hannah has helped me to assess my life, and I have found clarity in areas which I was completely lost!


Hannah is professional, and coached me towards living my life in an authentic and aligned way.


— Katie H, Ireland

Hannah is fabulous to work with. I met her initially as part of a running group and then wanted some positive support getting on track after moving to the UK and adjusting to life as a working mum.


Hannah has so many great tools she shares and helps challenge your thinking while supporting you to find the answers you are looking for.


Highly recommend working with Hannah for any support or direction in all aspects of your life.


— Bridget C, Rutland

Can’t recommend Hannah highly enough.


I’ve benefited hugely from our sessions, great blend of reflection and practical steps forward giving a holistic view on why you are where / who you are and how you get to where / who you want to be.


Honest, empathetic and proactive, Hannah offers coaching that supports you to make the real changes that you want in your life.


— Anna G, Lincolnshire

Hannah is absolutely BRILL!!!


I have been to see many therapists in the past, tried different ways of solving my problems and never really got anywhere. This time is totally different.

I always feel like I struggle to know what to talk about but then I always leave the session with things to work on before the next session as we’ve delved deeper into things that need more focus.


The reason I came to Hannah was due to what I thought was mainly work issues but since then Ive been working on relationships with family and friends, my self esteem and how I can move forward in the future.


I could write for ages because it’s honestly been SO helpful for the first couple of months, I’m really looking forward to seeing how the next few months go!


— Jess K, Harrogate

I engaged Hannah as an on-line coach after many failed attempts to define and achieve fitness and lifestyle goals over about a decade. She has helped me to crystallise and define my current goals and so far, over 10 weekly meetings, I have made great progress towards achieving them.


She's positive, kind and non-judgmental and when I draw a blank she has great ideas and gentle challenges to help me continue my progress. She's showing me the skills I need to be able to coach myself in future with confidence when I come across other challenges. I feel that I am well on the way to my new habits becoming embedded and it has (mostly!) been good fun, especially the actual meetings with Hannah!


I am really grateful for her skills and support. Would highly recommend!


— Katy J, Newcastle

I'm so grateful I found Hannah when I did.


I was stuck in a job that made me miserable, and caused me anxiety, and knew I didn’t want to continue doing what I was doing but had no idea what I wanted to do.


Hannah helped me uncover what was most important to me in life and, from there, discover a new direction my life could take in terms of career (and the belief I could do it!).


She also helped me uncover a lot of negative thinking and beliefs which have been holding me back in life, and not just professionally.


She is open and welcoming and provided me with the tools I needed to start making the changes I couldn’t before.


— Catherine, London

Working with Hannah has helped me gain back the control I felt i was lacking in my life.


In her sessions we have talked about what I want my life to look like and worked out which paths to take to make these goals achievable; I can honestly say I leave each session with a feeling of empowerment and a fresh motivation.


She is calm and non-judgemental and, when things feel overwhelming, she has helped me find the tools to work through trickier times, combat those negative thoughts and get myself back on track.


I can't recommend her enough!


— Rachel P, Rutland

Hannah supported me in completely changing my relationship with food and my body.


After spending 15+ years on endless diets and never achieving any results or lasting results, and constantly hating and berating myself for my failings at attempting to lose weight, I have now finally got to where I want to be and the process was actually enjoyable.


She helped me uncover what really motivates me and what was stopping me from achieving the results I wanted. I set goals accordingly, which lead me to make lifestyle changes resulting in lasting change!


— Carol, Lincolnshire

Hannah is so lovely. She is gentle, yet sincere and genuine in her desire to help. Hannah empowers. She provokes you to think for yourself and develop strategies and tools for the future.


I love her smile! When she appears on the screen, you just know it’s going to work out ok. Thank you, Hannah!


— Sarah M, London

I have really enjoyed my sessions with Hannah and highly recommend her as a life and wellness coach!


At a time in my life where I was feeling a little lost and struggling with how to move my situation forward, Hannah’s advice and guidance have provided much needed clarity. Hannah is non-judgemental, empathetic and a great listener.


The sessions gave me the space to talk through various aspects of my life and she always provided helpful and insightful prompts and questions which challenged my thinking, perceptions, and mindset to support a more positive and balanced outlook. I feel lighter as a result! Thank you, Hannah.


— Emma K, Rutland

Hannah has helped me so much. I was having issues with my confidence and finding work, as well as a terrible sleeping schedule that I was trying to fix.


The sessions really helped me put boundaries in place to be able to get myself into a better routine. Hold myself accountable and not make excuses.


Really easy to talk to, empathetic and able to help with any other situations that may arise. Always allowing you to see rational explanations over your own, clouded thoughts. I highly recommend!


— Daniel N, Lincolnshire

I was gifted my initial coaching session from a dear friend. My entire life had come to a resounding full-stop, a dead end!

I was totally and utterly inspired after just one session with Hannah! In fact it was a Eureka moment; a cerebral shift in my thinking!


In subsequent sessions Hannah expertly guided or should I say reawakened my ability to self-manage my day to day life, adding structure, instilling motivation and daily reflection; perpetually challenging the 'gremlins' I use to stifle progress!


Hannah expertly facilitated a seismic shift in my thinking and resultant behaviours, allowing me to hope once more. Hannah questioned, challenged, and helped me structure my thoughts, feelings and aspirations; I now appreciate that my life is a life worth living.


Hannah is truly gifted and what a lovely person to boot! My life has been enriched and challenged in equal measure as a result of the expertise and extraordinary skill set of Hannah Berry! Cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you so very much.


— Denise G, Yorkshire

Within just a few sessions Hannah has helped me gain clarity of thought and a new found confidence in myself and what I can achieve.


She has guided me practically and thoughtfully without any judgement, and has helped me to come to my own decisions.


I genuinely look forward to each session!


— Minna D, London

My sessions with Hannah have been so helpful in shifting my mindset, which has allowed me to make some really positive changes with my career.


She’s so easy to speak to, and I always look forward to our sessions.

I’d highly recommend to anyone that feels a little stuck, or want to make positive shifts in all aspects of their life.


— Tara F, Hong Kong

I have been working with Hannah for the last month and l have to say she has been fantastic.


She takes the time to listen and get to know you and then works in practical ways to help you unlock the skills in order for you to acheive your targets.


She is empathetic, understanding and has a great style of communication.


She is very good at holding me accountable and keeping me focused on my goals.


I cannot recommend her highly enough.


(Oh, she has great taste in coffee as well)


— Mike R, Stamford

I cannot recommend Hannah enough - if you want to make positive changes in your life and are struggling to either maintain or start those changes, then Hannah is the person who will help you achieve your goals.


Her enthusiastic, professional and non-judgmental attitude gives you the support and advice to enable you to create the life you want.


Since working with her I can honestly say all areas of my life have improved from my diet, my attitude to fitness, taking control of my finances and relationships. She guides you and challenges you to discover your values and encourages you to live them in a positive and supportive way. If you’re serious about living your best life then Hannah will get you there.


— Sharon R, Rutland

Even before I had my first session with Hannah I felt greatly supported. The emails and pre-coaching exercises assured me that I was going to get the help that I needed.


I’ve had coaching before but haven’t felt the same connection that I feel with Hannah.

I feel really comfortable talking to her and she intuitively tunes into me and genuinely wants to help. She is great at asking the right questions and sharing ideas that help me to know myself and what I want so much better.


By the 2nd session I’d gained greater clarity and left feeling totally fired up and enthusiastic. I’m certain that with Hannah’s support and encouragement, I will achieve my goals more quickly and will find the journey so much more enjoyable.


I highly recommend life and wellness coaching with Hannah!


— Claire B, Rutland

I have been battling with a relationship with a close family member for over 15 years (and the feeling of failure associated with that).


Hannah provided a safe space to talk through, and figure out, what was stopping me from achieving the kind of relationship I wanted, asking questions that challenged my current thinking.


The changes I have made as a result have honestly changed my life – I just wish I’d got life coaching sooner!


— Amy, Leicestershire

I spoke to Hannah when I started having doubts over my new job - I’d moved from a company I’d been at for many years to a much more senior role and I was worrying if it was the right decision and whether I was having enough of an impact soon enough. 


She really helped me get comfortable with *why* I moved in the first place and what I felt I was missing now - working towards a set of positive changes I could implement to ease my own concerns and helping to accelerate my own feeling of “belonging” and integrating into my new team.


I’ve never been a great one at sharing what I’m really thinking or feeling but Hannah was super supportive, and great at making me immediately feel comfortable sharing. She helped get to the real crux of the issues and I came away from every session with a real sense of progress.


— John B, London

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