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Hannah running in the London Marathon.

Hi, I'm Hannah Berry

...and although this page is giving you a little information about me, what's most important is that I am here to work with YOU — providing you with the right tools to implement the lasting changes you want to see in your life.

My Story

I became a coach so that I could use my passions, to help others implement change and find happiness and fulfilment in areas of their life where it is currently lacking!

Many of the areas of coaching mentioned on my site are ones in which I myself have struggled (and have subsequently conquered), putting me in a good position to try and help others in similar situations. Most importantly, I know it's possible to overcome hard times, and to achieve what you want from life, with the right approach and belief in yourself. It also means that I have an understanding of, and can empathise with, the challenges we all face in our day-to-day lives.

Throughout my life I have been a keen athlete — competing at an elite level in swimming, triathlon and, more recently, running. I primarily exercise for enjoyment and for the 'feel goods' it gives you! Nutrition is also a huge factor in wellness and is another area that, a lot of people (myself included), have had challenges with — from succumbing to fad diets, to over- and under-eating. Good nutrition and diet is intrinsic to our wellbeing and I have learnt what habits and beliefs about diet and body image don't serve me, so that I am now able to harness its power in a positive way to make me feel good! 


From an academic perspective, I completed a BSc Natural Sciences (Biology) degree before moving in to the pharmaceutical industry as a Project Manager in clinical trials. It was during my time in the corporate world that I faced many of the increasingly common issues that we, as humans, face: stress, burn-out and the constant work-life balance struggles. I problem-solved myself through these (sometimes receiving coaching myself) and, along the way, also informally coached other professionals who were tackling similar problems. I quickly learnt that I really enjoyed helping people find answers to questions (that sometimes they didn't even know they had!) and help them find solutions to the areas in their life that were causing them anxiety and stress.


It was then that I decided that, with my combined passion for the benefits of exercise and healthy-living, as well as helping others in times of struggle, that I would formalise what I was doing and become a life and wellness coach. I have since studied for a diploma in Life Coaching, trained in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching and attended a number of complimentary courses in specific areas of coaching to continue developing myself.

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