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How it works

If you think coaching could help you then just reach out and we can arrange a free initial discovery call.

During this call we'll talk about what areas you want to focus on, and what you want to get out of coaching. At that point, if you think you'd benefit from working with me, we can arrange your first coaching sessions.

Coaching sessions are YOUR time. If you live around the Rutland area, they can take place in-person; either at my home coaching space or even whilst out on a walk (or jog!). If you don't live locally, we can have sessions by phone or via an online meeting platform.

Coaching sessions are usually for 1 hour, and generally occur every one to two weeks.  There's a lot of flexibility in the coaching programme to ensure it's right for the individual, but long-lasting change doesn't happen overnight, and there's no quick fix. We can discuss the number and frequency of your sessions in your free initial discovery call and will also continually assess this as we go, to ensure that the session schedule suits your needs.

To get the most out of your coaching, there will be work for you to do between sessions, to continue your development and keep you moving towards your goals. Rest assured, our sessions should leave you feeling energised, inspired and ready for action!

I also offer short, between-session, motivational calls; if you feel you want a  quick touchpoint and don't want to wait until your next scheduled session.


Coaching sessions are charged at £60 per hour

  Bundle Offer - 15% off 

Book 4 sessions upfront and pay £205

Bundle offer
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