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dhb & Me

A lasting relationship thanks to a shared passion

I have been an ambassador for the sportswear brand dhb for around 9 years now - a pretty long time to have such a mutually happy and easy relationship, especially in the sports industry. A recent trip down to the dhb head office in Portsmouth, and a day spent with other female dhb ambassadors, served as a reminder as to why I think our relationship has lasted so well, and weathered many changes in the industry for almost a decade.

I’ve always been very passionate about exercise and sport, and doing it for enjoyment and to feel good and preferably doing it outdoors, where the feel-good factor is increased ten-fold. The aim of the day spent with dhb last week was to document some of the female ambassadors having a ride out in the new Spring/Summer Moda cycling kit. Moda is dhb’s cycling collection created specifically for women, by women. dhb were one of the first brands to really push women-specific cycling apparel and this collection is all about women from all sporting backgrounds, and of all abilities, being empowered and feeling great about getting out on their bike and enjoying the ride!

After seeing the photos that came out of that day (some of which I’ve included here), it really made me realise just why myself and dhb have had such a long and fulfilling relationship - succinctly highlighted by my outrageously dorky smile throughout. Sport and exercise shouldn’t create stress but it can often happen when, fuelled by social media, we get caught up in performances and comparisons. Exercise is there to be enjoyed and celebrated, and we can all tap into the feel-goods it provides… and all the better if we can do it whilst in fantastic looking kit!

Hannah in cycling kit pretending to pat a seagull on a wall mural.
Hannah in cycling kit and helmet, laughing.
Hannah and two other female cyclists, chatting and drinking water whilst on their bikes.
Hannah and another female cyclist having fun in a cafe.
Hannah and two other female cyclists, riding their bikes.

Published: 5th April 2023

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